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We take pride in our services and have an excellent reputation. See what our clients say about us.

"I use Jim Mello and have been using his services for at least 15+ years because I trust him. I trust his evaluation of the existing condition. I trust his suggestion to repair issues giving clients all their options. I always believed he says and does what's best for the client and stands by his work. I love working with him and referring him to all our agents and clients."


~Floria Nafei Hakimi

Empire Realty Associates

"I use James Mello because of his expertise in the drainage and foundation field. I know of no one better. I use James Mello as he returns calls, inform's you of what he is going to do and does it. I use James Mello because of the workers he has doing the job, they are very courteous and respectful of your home. Lastly I use James Mello and always recommend him as we have become friends over the years."


~Thomas Dec

Gennoy Realty


"Here is why I've been using him for about 10 years to investigate homes for me... he has consistently shown the following:1.  Straight forward communication:  Jim is easy to understand when he is explaining the drainage and foundation conditions that he's been asked to evaluate.  His tone is friendly and non-alarmist.  It's clear that he knows what he is talking about.2. Fair bids:  When Jim bids a job, he is fair minded, and it is evident that he is NOT out to gouge clients.  His written reports and bids are easy to read, and they make sense.3.Professional:  Jim is on time, prepared and professional.  I know that I can count on him."


~Patti Camras

Coldwell Banker

"Jim is on my (very) short list of trusted structural and drainage inspectors/experts to call during buyer inspections as well as for post close of escrow work, if any. He consistently provides excellent customer service and is a pleasure to work with. He is great at explaining structural and drainage challenges to prospective buyers and helping them understand the various repair options, if any are needed. He is one of the best!"


~Andi Peterson Brown

Coldwell Banker


"I use Jim because I love him!!  We go back a very long time and I’ve found Jim to always be so pleasant, to be so calm, to not be an alarmist and to be fair.  He has an amazing ability to present his findings to both sides and have both clients trust his recommendations and trust that he is not just looking for work.  Jim is honest!!"

Need any other adjectives??  Jim is the BEST!! 


~Patsy Kauffman

Bay Sotheby's International Realty


"I use Jim Mello because he is an expert, thorough, and reasonable, and provides a real world approach to solving problems"


~Doug Buenz

Venture Sotheby's International Realty

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