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A home inspection provides a non-invasive visual examination of the major systems of a home such as electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, insulation, as well as structural features.

We provide a home inspection that determines the present condition of the home’s major systems, based on a visual inspection of accessible areas. Our report  focuses on the performance of the home, rather than cosmetic or design issues. Inspections are often performed during a real estate transaction, but may be done anytime.


Our inspection reports are honest and non-biased. We are compatible with all parties in a real estate sale because we base our service on doing a thorough inspection that finds and discloses the conditions which allows for sound judgement and negotiation.


Below is a SAMPLE REPORT as an example of the scope of topics covered in the inspection.



Pricing is determined by the square feet of the home and the number of buildings inspected. Call our office at 1-800-227-5660 for a quote.

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