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All of us at Professional Real Estate Inspections are proud of the services we provide and the history behind our company. We do a thorough job, are very clean and repsectful of property and never receive recalls on repairs. We provide high quality design and work and aim to do the most definitive repairs.


Jim Mello is a Bay Area native and has a spent his lifetime in the construction field. It all began as a young boy around the dinner table as he started gaining knowledge from his father and older brother, the first contractors who influenced and taught him. 


His experience ranges from general contracting, grading the Bay Area foothills for new housing developments, design and construction of new homes as well as structural and drainage evaluations and repairs. 


As a young adult he became a Union apprentice carpenter  and worked his way up to Superintendant. In 1974 he became a licensed contractor and real estate agent.


In 1987 he opened Professional Real Estate Inspections, one of the first home inspection companies in the Bay Area.  The law requiring seller disclosure during a propery sale began and Jim's company began providing thorough, non-biased inspections with contractor insight. With his history as a contractor and home builder and his reputation with realtors already in place his inspection service took off quickly.


The need for qualified structural and foundation specialists arose when the insurance companies stopped covering major foundation repairs due to the exaggerated bids that were being used to file claims. Jim received many requests for assistance with the settlement and foundation problems that his customers were encountering. The demand for his services grew and today he is a well known and in demand foundation and drainage specialist. 


Jim's experience and knowledge of the construction trade makes him an expert and his friendly nature and desire to help others has given him an excellent reputation with homeowners and Bay Area professionals.




Jim Mello

Owner of Professional Real Estate Inspections and James J. Mello Construction.


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