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Proper drainage is imperative to the health of a house. If the drainage is insufficient or impaired it can compromise the integrity of the structure's foundation. We will evaluate the drainage situation of a property and make recommendations for improvement or repair.


Under Floor Trench and Sump Systems:

Services Offered:                               Call for a quote: 1-800-227-5660

Drainage Inspection:

Our inspector will evaluate the drainage system and make recommendations for improvement, repair or upgrades. The inspection is followed up with a formal report of existing conditions along with the recommendations and includes a cost estimate.



Drainage Flow Test:

Recommended as part of a homes annual maintenance, a drainage flow test will flush and evaluate the exterior rain gutters, downspouts and underground drainage system to determine the condition of these systems and verify serviceability (e.g. check for leakage, blockages and overflows, analyze rate of water flow, establish configuration of underground system and locate termination points).


The flow test is followed up with a written report of our findings, along with recommendations and a cost estimate for repair or improvements, if necessary.



Under floor trenches / Water collection system:

An under-floor water collection system incorporates under-floor trenches to collect any infiltrating water and immediately divert it to an exterior sump or chimney drain which conveys it away from the foundation to an approved storm system. Often times this method is recommended in lieu of exterior subterranean drainas (french drains) because it is less expensive and more efficient.

Drainage Systems:

Installation of exterior drainage systems to divert water away from the structure.



Sump Pumps:

Sump pump service and installation. This is a method of collecting water that has accumulated below the elevation of the storm system and lifts the water through an ejection line to the storm system above. A properly designed and installed sump pump system is an efficient method of handling unwanted water build up.


Vapor Barrier:

To prevent vapor from permeating the under-floor framing a vapor barrier is used.



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